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    We believe in optimizing resources in an organization and utilizing existing assets - whether data, reputation or human capital. Our consulting practice customizes its services based on the need of the client, not a standard package of services. We see our work as a partnership and come to the table with an understanding of the landscape and ready to solve problems.


    Our customized training programs are designed to address the unique needs of your employees and to provide them with tools for success. Our programs provide practical resources for long-term development and are focused on the participant experience as well as building support networks among participants.


    We work with organizations on the development of diverse leaders through internal initiatives, hands-on workshops and one-on-one coaching to address internal barriers, skill gaps and organizational culture.


    Whether launching a new brand, developing structured messages for internal or external audiences, or developing a strategic communications plan, our team of experts utilize the most innovative tools and techniques for reaching your audiences.

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  • RAND Corporation

    Marjorie will help you hone your message, present your ideas clearly, and handle questions with poise. She understands how to convey complex concepts effectively, and how to engage diverse audiences. Her advice has been invaluable and I highly recommend her work.

  • Women's Media Center

    Marjorie Clifton is a brilliant, dynamic, and compassionate media trainer who infuses her passion for communications in to her work and her interpersonal relationships with her clients. …