Clifton Consulting will help you hone your message, present your ideas clearly, and handle questions with poise. The staff understand how to convey complex concepts effectively, and how to engage diverse audiences. The advice has been invaluable and I highly recommend the company’s work.

RAND Corporation

Marjorie Clifton is a brilliant, dynamic, and compassionate media trainer who infuses her passion for communications in to her work and her interpersonal relationships with her clients.¬†We have been so blessed to benefit from her expertise, experience, and media savoir-faire. Marjorie’s energy is infectious. She motivates clients and inspires them to be their very best. I recommend Marjorie without hesitation and with the most heartfelt support and endorsement!

-Vice President, The Women’s Media Center

Women's Media Center

Marjorie Clifton is one of the most poised and powerful voices among women leaders today – and a great resource in helping train the leaders of tomorrow.

-Fox News Correspondent

Fox News

I have worked with Clifton Consulting on the Freedom House project in the Gulf, where Clifton Consulting developed a curriculum on Breaking the Barriers for women in the workforce and delivered a training of trainers in both countries Bahrain and Kuwait. The curriculum was developed in a highly professional manner, and trainings were effective in both countries. Working with them was an excellent experience, and participants liked the approach they followed during the training.

-Director, Freedom House

Freedom House

We have used Clifton Consulting for a variety of services, from coaching female candidates to communication training to day-long trainings for candidates and campaign staff/volunteers, and have been incredibly impressed with their ability to connect with our members. The staff brings a passion for politics that is unrivaled and we are excited to continue working with them in the future as we look for our members to seek roles in politics, policy and advocacy.

-Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE)

Leadership for Educational Equity

Marjorie is one of the best communications trainers I’ve ever experienced in my 38 years in the non-profit field. In less than 24 hours, she trained a group of camera-shy young people into poised, confident media spokespeople for our project. We have moved ahead at warp speed because of her gift for translating into practical knowledge her media expertise!

-President, Sister Song

Sister Song