Spike the Watercooler

Spike the Water CoolerOur consulting practice brings decades of experience working with organizations and individuals on leadership and 21st Century workforce development. As consultants and trainers, we learn daily from our clients about the day-to-day challenges they face in today’s workforce.

Spike the Watercooler was established in June 2012 with the purpose of promoting content with honesty, humor, and a practical support for women as they navigate their personal and professional lives. Since it’s inception, our rapidly growing audience has spanned from college women to professional executives and our toolkit has been expanding.

Coming soon…

  1. 360 degree job searching tools, which align personality and talents to a job for better job satisfaction
  2. Mentor match-making like no other
  3. Employers seeking tools for finding the right candidates
  4. University-based tools for maintaining alumnae networks and expanding opportunities for recent grads.

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